JRQ is a jazz band serving northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. 

We have a special love for vintage jazz, Latin, swing, and blues tunes.  We think this music is wonderful and want to perform it for you to enjoy!

Jane Robinett is the vocalist with a warm contralto voice and a love of performing for live audiences.  She has surrounded herself with the finest musicians in the area for a cohesive, exciting jazz combo.  Each show is carefully crafted to deliver a polished, exciting show.  We can play as a smaller ensemble for intimate events up to a six-piece band with Peter Queal joining Jane on vocals and guitar accompanied by vibraphone, trumpet, bass and drums.

We have assembled the most exciting, eclectic selection of songs—each with something special.

We emphasize vintage jazz from swing to BeBop.  Then we add classics from The Great American Songbook—composers like Gershwin,  Kern and Fields–as well as classic rhythm and blues, pop and rock tunes.   But we pride ourselves on having unusual, fresh arrangements of these tunes to keep them exciting.   To complement the American classics, we play a wide range of Latin jazz, sambas, bossas–classics usually in Spanish or Portuguese.  Each song we perform is carefully chosen for some special melody or rhythm and then placed to complement the others in the set.  We will be the band that will leave you thrilled to hear songs that you love but may not have heard anyone perform.

An evening of music should be like a fabulous meal—everything should flow and feel right.

We can create the mood you are hoping for–relaxing to cool jazz and blues or on your feet with hot Latin, big-band swing, and the best pop and rock tunes.

JRQ will bring you the best of the best.  You and your guests will come away from the evening having had a truly unique and memorable experience and wanting to come back for more.

We love providing live entertainment for private and corporate events.  Let us make your next event spectacular!